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My Own Journey

My Own Journey

Here you’ll read all about My Own Journey. It was a long and arduous road to get to where I am with regards to being able to do what I do, but nevertheless I’m here now.

I have had this natural Clairvoyant gift since I was a child (as far back as I can remember) but I didn’t understand it then. As the years went by I learned that I could assist people.

I have run businesses all my life and am qualified in many different fields. I have many, many years as a professional reader and am here to give you a very professional and warm reading about the part of your life that you choose.

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the lovers card meaningThe Lovers card meaning

The Lovers card meaning: Everyone loves to get this card as it often points to new love, attraction and sex but it isn’t always as it seems. It can indicate failed relationship, unfaithfulness and separation as well. Choice is often indicated here, and it’s an important one. Quite often it’s a struggle between the heart and the head.

Tarot card number: 6

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