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The Emperor Traits

The Emperor Traits

The Emperor is the fourth card of the Major arcana in the tarot. The Emperor is all about advice, wisdom, authority and leadership. As you know the major arcana is the path of The Fool to enlightenment. The Fool firstly meets with The Magician and High Priestess. As he learns how to use his own willpower in magical ways and how to control that power, he meets with The Empress and she teaches him more about caring for others. Continue Reading

The Empress Traits

The Empress Traits

The Empress is third card in the Major arcana of the tarot. She is a symbol of feminine power, of the Feminine principle, she symbolises fertility and of course she symbolises beauty. She is very mysterious and her message is to listen to your intuition, to listen to your feminine side. Continue Reading

The High Priestess Traits

The High Priestess Traits

The High Priestess is the second card in the tarot. The High Priestess and The Magician have the same meaning and value, because they balance each other out. As we know, the Major arcana is all about the journey of The Fool, so the first cards/characters/stages that he initially encounters on his journey are The Magician and The High Priestess. Both are very important for balancing life because no one can see the light without also seeing their shadow. Continue Reading

the magician traits

The Magician Traits

There are 22 cards in Major Arcana. The card that is not numbered is called The Fool, and the rest of the Major Arcana cards are all about the journey of the Fool from beginning to enlightenment. Therefore we have 21 cards that explain the path of the Fool. The first card is the Magician, which is recognised as a favourite card. Continue Reading

Journey of The Fool

Journey of the Fool

The first 22 cards of a tarot deck are part of the Major Arcana and are associated with the Journey of The Fool. The Fool is the only card that hasn’t been given a number from the 22 Major Arcana cards. The Fool’s number is Zero, because the Major Arcana is all about the Fool’s Journey. So the Fool could be placed at either the start or the end of the journey, because when one journey finishes, another always starts. Here we discuss the Journey of the Fool Astrology.

All of the numbered cards describe points in our lives that have meaning, from our birth to our death. The Major Arcana shows the path of The Fool from naivety to Enlightenment, so we have 21 cards that are numbered. The tarot is conceptual and requires an intuitive interpretation, and the astrology associated with each of the cards is known for its part in the card’s structure, its analysis and of course its empirical interpretation. Continue Reading

Hero Neo as The Fool

There are 78 tarot cards and each of them has special, deep meaning that represents certain ways of life. These cards are divided into two groups which are called the Major and the Minor Arcana, the word “Arcana” meaning “secret”. For now we will focus only on the Major Arcana which consists of 22 cards, but numbered cards are twenty-one and one is unnumbered (it is called “The Fool”). We will analyse each of them, and we will travel this journey together. Continue Reading