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The Strength Card Meaning

The Strength Card Meaning

The Strength Card Meaning is about all those wonderful virtues of strength, willpower, compassion, patience, courage and fortitude, but like all the cards, can just as well represent the opposite; cowardice, fear, inertia, defeat, loss of opportunity.

Strength can suggest the rapid recovery from illness or the right time to give up those bad habits.

It’s a great card to pull if you’re struggling with a situation, as it represents the energy of having the mettle to see things through. Continue Reading

The Chariot Card meaning

The Chariot Card Meaning

Here is the Chariot card meaning: Lots of conflict ahead, but it’s all going to be all right in the end! The Chariot is usually pulled by 2 horses that appear to go in separate directions – a kind of pulling apart, hence the conflict. There’s lots of energy with this card though, it’s all about dramatic movement and change. On the flip side, there’s plenty of room here for over confidence and arrogance. Continue Reading

The Hierophant Card Meaning
The Hierophant Card Meaning

The Hierophant Card Meaning: sometimes called the High Priest, he’s the counter part to the High Priestess, but represents the wise man rather than the wise woman. He’s a great teacher, adviser and counsellor and will give good advice even if it’s a bit conventional in spirit. He can represent the feeling of having one’s creativity stifled and is not the favourite card of the deck for the more maverick and unconventional of us!

Tarot card number: 5

Astrological sign: taurus Continue Reading

the emperor card meaning

The Emperor card meaning

Here is the Emperor card meaning: The Big Daddy! He’s all about achievement, authority, protection, support and all those traits typical of the male provider role. At his best he’s honourable and can be a great help at a time when support is needed. At his worst, he’s tyrannical, overbearing, untrustworthy and definitely to be avoided!

Tarot card number: 4

Astrological sign: aries Continue Reading


The Empress card meaning

The Empress card meaning: the mother of the pack. She’s reassuring, full of love and compassion and a great card to pull if you’re considering parenthood. If taken too far though, the Empress energy can be over protective, stifling and over emotional.

Tarot card number: 3

Planet: Venus

Season: spring Continue Reading