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Judgement Card Meaning

Judgement Card Meaning

The penultimate card in the Major Arcana, and the cycle is almost complete.

The Judgement card heralds a time of accomplishment and rewards for past efforts, and opportunities not to be ignored.

It’s about taking stock and consideration of a brand new phase in life.

The negative aspects to this card focus on fear of change, self doubt, delays and a refusal to change and learn from past mistakes.

tarot card number: 20

element: fire

planet: Pluto Continue Reading

The Sun Card Meaning

The Sun Card Meaning

Not much wrong here! Definitely one of the most positive cards in the pack, the Sun lights up the situation and brings happiness, enlightenment, vitality, health and fulfilment. Just look at the picture – it says it better than words can!

tarot card number: 19

planet: Sun

season: summer Continue Reading

The Moon Card Meaning

The Moon Card Meaning

Another of the cards that can be seen quite negatively, the Moon warns of fears, anxieties, confusion and subterfuge, but can also represent the power of the imagination, unexpected possibilities and illumination of a more subtle kind. The path may be tough, but it’s probably the right one, and it’ll work out okay.

tarot card number: 18

astrological sign: pisces Continue Reading

The Star Card Meaning

The Star Card Meaning

This is the wish card, and many people’s favourite. It’s all about hope, generosity and wishes being granted, although it can have a kind of dreamy quality about it, lacking in grounding or real belief. A bit of self-doubt and negativity can creep in here, but on the whole it’s a lovely card to pull, especially if you’re hoping for something special.

tarot card number: 17

astrological sign: aquarius Continue Reading

The Tower Card Meaning

The Tower Card Meaning

Now here’s a card to watch out for – the picture says it all. Dramatic upheaval, unwanted and unexpected (and often violent) change is depicted here. Everyone is afraid of this kind of change, but to keep a positive note, it usually turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

tarot card number : 16

planet: Mars Continue Reading

The Devil card meaning

The Devil Card Meaning

‘Playful Pan’ is one of the most feared cards in the pack, mainly due to the modern depictions of the Devil being the ultimate evil.

Really, The Devil is more often just the representation of temptation, or the over indulgence of sensual pleasures.

He’s also closely associated with the vices: lust, greed, addiction, and hedonism.

Not often a positive influence, but he can represent commitment, particularly in relationship, or the fact that the Querent is gaining control of a situation.

tarot card number: 15

astrological sign: capricorn Continue Reading