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A Lasting Reminder of How Much I Love You

A Lasting Reminder 

This expression of love is A Lasting Reminder to the one you love of how much you love him or her. We should never forget to tell our beloved that they mean the world to us. Please continue reading and be inspired to tell your special one just how much he or she means to you…… Continue Reading

I Keep Falling in Love With You

I Keep Falling In Love With You

This expression of love is written to inspire you to tell your beloved “I Keep Falling In Love With You.” Once you read it, you’ll want to sit down and write out your own version of what to say to the one you love. Everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated, which these words below will definitely help your partner feel. Please read on and think of the letter that you’re about to write to your special loved one. Continue Reading

control and domination

Control and Domination

In this article here, I discuss Control and Domination. This is to help make women who are in relationships where they are being abused more aware. I often speak to women who can’t leave a controlling man due to the fact that over time, he has made them feel helpless and powerless. If you’re in the same situation, please read the following article. Continue Reading