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Being choosy is worth it

Being Choosy Is Worth It

Most women have learned the hard way that not being more selective about who they get involved with ends up hurting them. Sometimes, it even ends up costing them money. When you’ve made some not-so-wise choices in the past, don’t let the pain of those experiences hinder you from getting involved again. Just don’t give so much of yourself when next you meet someone who takes your fancy. Being choosy is worth it. Make him demonstrate that he truly does want you to be his most important relationship before you open to him. Continue Reading

The Sweetest Love is a Kind Love

The Sweetest Love is a Kind Love

There is a mix of information on the site that this article originally appeared on so that the site is balanced in its focus. Among the articles that confront the violence that can occur in relationships, there are some uplifting articles like this one. When you’ve overcome your addiction to men who hurt you and treat you badly, the following is what you can look forward to having when you find a decent man who is capable of having a loving relationship – love like this is the sweetest love. Continue Reading