This is the category for articles on Clairsentience, which is the ability to feel the feelings and emotions of the people that you’ve tuned in to.

what is clairsentience

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience (meaning clear feeling), is when a psychic senses or feels impressions of the messages the spirit or distant living individual wants to convey. People who have Clairsentience feel the vibration of other people and get the impression of their thoughts and emotions, and can feel into their bodies and know what and where the pain might be that they are having. Continue Reading

what is clairaudience and clairsentience

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience and Clairsentience are added abilities beyond Clairvoyance. In this article I will discuss Clairudience.

Clairaudience (meaning clear hearing), is the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spiritual Beings. It’s as though these Beings are standing next to the reader. Clairaudient people can hear sounds that are not apparent to other humans, which they hear with their inner mental ear. Continue Reading