Madeline Rose

The Landlord from Hell Raffaele Pascuzzo

My experiences over the last six months have prompted me to write this article whilst living in the flat under his house in Lake Heights in NSW. This account might help you to recognise when you’re about to enter into a similarly hellish situation, and might help prevent some other poor innocent woman from taking on a lease with this man.

I moved into the flat that I’m in now in June 2015 after seeing a hand painted “Flat to Let” sign out the front of this property. Notice that the sign says “FLAT” to Let, not “ROOM” to Let which is what Raffaele is trying to claim that we agreed upon ie. that I rent a room.

flat to let sign

It was customary for me to walk to the Post Office each day to collect my mail from my post office box whenever there was mail there, and so I’d seen the Flat For Rent sign at different intervals during the two and a half years prior. I was living in the same suburb, a little further away from the Post Office in flat beneath a house on a street closer to the lake. The day that I approached the man with the For Rent sign was a bright sunny late Autumn day. There was a phone number on the sign, but the owner was standing outside his house watering his large, beautiful garden as I walked past and so I approached him rather than call. I’d seen the flat before, about two years prior, but at that time had decided not to move in. I didn’t feel that I’d have any time to myself if I moved in – I should have trusted my intuition again this time around.

As a result of the discussion that I had with the owner when I approached him, we both agreed that I begin living in the flat in approximately two weeks’ time. We signed a handwritten lease, and I began packing boxes where I was living. Raffaele offered to assist me to move my belongings from the flat in the street closer to the lake to the flat under his house, which I thought would be a blessing. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Whilst helping me move in, he pressed himself up against me from behind when I was bending over to tape up a packaging box, not just once on one day, but twice on two different days. He didn’t just brush past me either. He pushed his groin into my buttocks. It was purposeful and forceful. He also reached across me when I was sitting in the car and ran his hand and elbow across my breasts. I was in the driver’s seat after having backed his car down the very steep driveway, and he opened the door from outside of the car once I had parked the car and then he reached in across me to get to the glove box. In my opinion, that was just an excuse to touch my breasts, because he didn’t take anything out of the glovebox. Plus, the glovebox is in front of the passenger’s seat, not the driver’s seat, so I truly do believe that he was merely looking for a reason to molest me. And no, he didn’t just brush past my breasts. He rubbed his elbow back and forth against them in a purposeful manner. God knows why he thought he had a right to do that, because I certainly hadn’t encouraged him.

The lady that I spoke with about how Raffaele Pascuzzo had sexually molested me on three different occasions is Lisa Solomon. She is my consultant for my psychic business whom I speak to regularly, and I told her about what he had done in the week prior to the 13th June, 2015, and expressed my concerns to her about what had happened. Her statement is available for those who wish to see it here -> Statement by Lisa. The dates for when Raffaele molested me are: 6th June, 2015, 7th June, 2015 and 8th June 2015.

On one of the early days when he was helping me move – I think day two or three of that process – he had been sitting at my desk talking with me as I was packing and had picked up a small black book that I had placed next to my computer and began riffling through it, reading what was written. Inside that book were all my passwords to my various email accounts and internet accounts, along with all of the phone numbers that I have for friends and various services. Despite having taken it off him and putting it right out of reach (or so I thought), that book has gone missing. I initially thought that maybe I had packed it in one of the boxes that contained all my books, but later, a month later in fact, I realised that this was not the case. My small black book is simply gone. I bet that Raffaele Pascuzzo knows where it is though.

When Raffaele and I had signed a lease together, he had showed me a copy of a standard lease agreement form and then asked me to write out my lease using the form as a reference. I’ve seen plenty of those forms, having previously written out lease agreements for other properties that I’ve rented, so I wasn’t fazed by what he asked me to do. I had to rush to go somewhere straight after writing it though, and so I asked him to get a copy made of it so that I too could have a copy.

Within three days he told me that he’d lost the lease form. This rang warning bells for me because without a lease form I would have no rights, and my intuition told me that something fishy was going on. So I rewrote the lease and took it to him to sign, asking him to sign it there and then. He reluctantly signed the lease and so I took it and put it away, keeping it safely guarded in case there ever was trouble. You can see a copy of the lease if you click here -> handwritten lease agreement By this stage I had already begun to mistrust this guy.

My lease begins on the 13th June, but it took me until the 19th to spend my first night at the flat. Raffaele told me he didn’t want me to move in on the 16th June because it was taking me a few days extra to move myself and all of my things. He kept pressuring me to hurry up spend my first night at the flat. He acted like he wanted me there so that he could own me. I told him that I was going to move fully into at the flat when I was finished packing up from my old place, and only once all the cleaning at the old house had been done. He kept asking me to come up and have dinner with him, and I had kept declining. I think that he was beginning to realise that I wasn’t going to be his ‘’girlfriend’’ as he had planned. He got offended that I wasn’t doing what he wanted me to do and told me that he didn’t want me to move in anymore. I was horrified that he would turn on a dime like he did. I hadn’t expected it at all, because he shows one face one minute, and another as soon as your back is turned. It was the start of his manipulations of me, which he was to later discover wouldn’t work on me.

Initially, I felt very frightened by him telling me he was going to keep my things, and felt that the only option that I now had so that I could retrieve my belongings was to try to appease him so that he would let me move in, which he eventually did do. I had to make out that I was sufficiently humble before he would do that, however, I did tell a friend called Jim about what Raffalele had said and Jim told me that if he does do that, just to let him know and he and a few friends would pay him a visit to have a little talk with him. I also told Lisa Solomon, the lady mentioned earlier, that Raffaele had done this. You can read her statement here  – > Statement by Lisa

During the first month of living here I came to the conclusion that my landlord had touched me in the manner that he had while he’d been helping me transport my belongings because in his mind he was expecting “favours” once I had moved in. Once he realised that ‘’favours’’ weren’t ever going to occur, he said to me “There’s no advantage to me in having you here” when I showed that I am very independent and that I didn’t need him or want him. So I believe that this is why all the trouble began in the first place.

Once I had moved in and I felt that I had a bit more control, it was then that I began to push back against his manipulations, but when he first said that he didn’t want me to move in, there were some very important items and documents that were in the boxes that were already inside the flat. I had to act in a way that helped me to gain possession of my things once again, but legally he had no right to tell me he didn’t want me there because we had already signed a lease. I thought it easier to appease him than to go through the arduous process of hiring police officers to let me get my things back. He could have said that they weren’t mine, which is the kind of thing he would do. I wasn’t prepared to let him do that.

In our original discussions we had agreed that I teach Raffaele the internet in exchange for lower rent. He would need to connect the internet for this to occur, so he gave me permission to speak on his behalf with his telephone line rental provider, which I did in order to get the internet connected to his phone line. He spoke at the beginning of the call to the woman at Telstra who placed the order and gave her permission to deal with me to get the additions to the line that were needed.

Because I didn’t spend my first night at the flat until the 19th June, 2015, he decided not to allow me to use the internet. We had agreed that I pay half the phone bill so that I could use the internet in exchange for teaching him how to use it, but because he was pissed off at me not moving in straight away, he punished me by pulling the modem out of the telephone line and disconnecting the internet. I had asked him to come down on the Friday evening so that he could have his first lesson with me, but he said he was tired and didn’t want to learn on that particular night. Then I had things to do on the Saturday, so I went out early, and no arrangements had been made to have any lessons, so I didn’t think that I was doing anything wrong by going about my life. Each time he wanted to control me, he would not allow me access to the internet. I said “Fine, do what you want, but don’t expect me to pay half the bill if you want to act like a two year old.”

He then went around telling people that I interfered with his telephone by having the internet put on, but the phone company won’t allow anyone except the registered account holder to make changes, so therefore how could I have done that without him speaking to the operator on the end of the line when we rang to add the internet? He was asked to give his date of birth, and his address, and the correct spelling of his name, and then he was asked if I had permission to speak to them on his behalf, which he said that I did. None of the additions to his telephone account could possibly have been done without his permission, so any stories that he has told his family, the neighbours or the police have no truth in them.

I have refused to pay anything towards his telephone account because he has not allowed me to use the internet. Why should I? I’m not allowed to use the internet so I am not going to pay. As you might have noticed, I have not posted very many articles in the time period since when I last posted an article and the time that I moved into where I live now. I’ve not had access to the internet without going somewhere where I can use it, such as McDonalds or the library. I have three laptop computers: one that stays at home in the same place all the time, one that goes with me when I go out and use the internet, and one that’s a spare in case either of the other two break or fail to work. I decided not to connect a telephone line into the flat because I knew that I wasn’t going to be here for long and I didn’t want the $300 expense of connecting a line here when there isn’t one here already.

Having my own copy of the lease that was rewritten and signed when he said that he had lost the first copy has been a Godsend because without it Raffaele would have the right to evict me. In fact, he did try to tell the police when I called them to assist me because of the things that he was doing that I didn’t have a lease and that I was staying in the flat without one, which had I not had my particular copy of the lease would have given him the power to have me turned out immediately. I knew what he was up to though. He told me he had lost it, but I had a sneaky feeling that this was just a lie so that at a later stage he could produce the original one and try to say that it was never lost. He told the police that it didn’t exist at all, so he’s likely to do something underhanded just like that.

He then tried to tell them that I hadn’t paid any rent when I called for police assistance a week after moving in after he had pulled the fuses out of the electricity box, which is a complete lie, because I have a witness who saw me pay the first two weeks rent after having taken me to the ATM to pull the money out to pay it, who has given me a notarised statutory declaration saying such that you can read by clicking here -> statutory declaration by Tyson, so from that point on I’ve always paid my rent by cheque to make sure that there is a paper-trail to show that my rent has been paid.

Within a week of moving in Raffaele was taking the fuses out of the electricity box and not allowing me to have electricity for over a week. He claimed that I was using his electricity, despite the fact that I had connected the meter in my own name with a local electricity supplier. You can see my bill by clicking here -> electricity bill . Still to this day he says that the house doesn’t have a flat underneath it and that it is just one big house, yet the photos that I have posted below shows the two separate meters for the house and the flat. When he stole my fuses I was forced to try to get hold of “old” fuses because the house was built more than 60 years ago and as such needs a rare type of ceramic fuse. A kind friend who lives down the road whose name is Roman assisted me to get hold of the type of fuses that were needed.

fuse box 1

fuse box 2

In the first week of moving in here, a Tupperware box of cat food that was sitting right outside my front door went missing. I didn’t care about the cat food going missing, but I wanted my Tupperware box back. I later found that the lid was being used to transport seeds to Raffaele’s chickens, but I still haven’t found the actual box. Only the lid.

On the 23rd June, 2015 I reported that my landlord had stolen the fuses from my fuse box and was refusing to give me access to electricity. The police event number for this report is E58135504. The senior officer who attended the event, Senior Constable Hallinan, purposely phoned me three days later to say with quite some concern to me that I would be best to find somewhere else to live because Raffaele has mental health issues – in other words, he’s crazy – and that she was concerned for my safety.

Initially Raffaele wouldn’t accept a cheque for the rent. I have a recording that you can hear here of me telling him that if he doesn’t accept a cheque payment for the rent, that it will be deemed as him waiving the rent and the Fair Trading Tribunal will over-ride the need to pay rent. I was told that this would likely be the case by man whom I spoke with at the Illawarra Legal Service in Warrawong, who said that the department of Fair Trading would likely deem the refusal to accept the rent in the form of a cheque as having waived the rent. I’ve since found out that this advice was incorrect.

With regards to the recording, it was only because I recorded this conversation, and told him that I was recording it while I was recording it, that he eventually began accepting my cheque payments. Initially he wouldn’t accept them. Despite what son Michael Pascuzzo thinks, it is not illegal to record a conversation if you advise the people involved that they are being recorded. I have studied law, so I knew to keep saying “You are being recorded. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of Law.” I did this several times throughout the recording. Nowhere in the recording do either Raffaele or Michael say that they do not want me to record this conversation. Unless they say that they do not consent to the conversation being recorded, it is not illegal to record the conversation, ESPECIALLY when they have been continuously informed that the conversation is being recorded. Also, unless a court says to take down the recording from Youtube where it currently is, I’m not taking it down. And if I am ordered to take it down, I’ll transcribe what is said in the recording and put it here in a pdf document that will still be available for people to read.

In the above recording it is quite evident that Raffaele Pascuzzo thinks that he has a right to go into my flat when I am not home. According to him, it’s “his house” whether the tenant has a lease or not.

The police told me after these first few initial incidents that he has a long history with them of harming his tenants in one form or another. They advised me to find other accommodation as soon as possible in order to protect my sanity and the peaceful existence of my life, obviously because they knew that I’d have a lot trouble with him.

When inviting clients to come to my home for a psychic reading, I’ve learned that I’ve had to meet them out the front of the house because if I don’t, Raffaele interrogates anyone who wants to come to my door. He will keep them justifying what they are doing here for up to half an hour. His interference has cost me alot of money, because some people haven’t come in at all, and some didn’t want to come back due to having had to deal with him. At the tribunal hearing on the 1st February he told a lie (one of many) to the Tribunal Official saying that I have lots and lots of men coming and going from my flat at all hours of the day and night. Well, the Library records will show that I’m at the Library on the internet alot of the time, and my female clients can attest to the fact that he stops them at the front gate and won’t let them pass without explaining what they are doing here. This holds them up for quite some time because he acts dumb and says he doesn’t understand what they are saying, so often they don’t even get as far as my front door. Now, if there are lots of men coming and going, how come the men can get past him and my female clients can’t? He’s full of shit. A pathological liar to the extreme.

It was a regular occurrance for Raffaele to knock loudly on my front and back door at about 6.30am in the morning. He seemed to think that it was okay to wake me up at that time of the day. It wasn’t. I didn’t like it at all, and I asked him several times to stop doing it. He also expected me to do gardening and sweeping around the outside of the house, which I didn’t want to do. The more he pressured me to do things, the less I wanted to do things.

On or around the 15th July I made a phone call to Michael Pascuzzo’s home and spoke with his wife. I asked to speak to Michael, but she told me that he wasn’t home. So I said to her: “Please tell your husband to tell your father-in-law not to come and knock on my door at 6.30am to try to get me to get up and talk to him. I do not want to be his friend. I do not want to get up and talk with him. I don’t want him yelling out my name to try to get me to wake up when he demands that I should be talking to him, and I do NOT want to go upstairs and have dinner with him. Also, tell Michael that I am NOT going to do any gardening around the house like his father keeps insisting that I do. I didn’t move in here to be constantly bothered and harassed by anyone and I do NOT want to be that man’s friend. Now, make sure that you pass that message on.” The wife has alleged without admitting to what was said that I was demanding and that I made accusations. These ‘demands and accusations’ are rather appropriate, don’t you think? Under circumstances where I am forced to deal with abusive behaviour such as what was going on, and when nothing I kept saying to Raffaele to make him stop harassing me was working, I believe that my actions in phoning one of the family members were fully appropriate and within reason.

On the 24th July, 2015 I caught Raffaele red handed after he had turned off my electricity at the fuse box. I was sitting at my computer when all the lights went out. He had been calling my name and I hadn’t answered, so he turned off my electricity. I was furious. I walked out the front door and along the passage at the front of my flat to catch him, and he came around the corner of the house and saw me coming. He stood in a position that blocked off my ability to walk past him, so I simply pushed past him and in that process he fell over. I turned my electricity back on and told him in no uncertain terms that he had no right to interfere with my utilities. I reported this incident to the police that same night. Russell Benn Postmaster at the local post office drove me to Oak Flats police station where I made a report. The report number is E56706130. My friend Tyson Garrahy helped me put a lock on the fuse box during the days following, but since then Raffaele and his son Michael have prised it off.

Things went missing from my flat in the first few weeks of living here too, and it wasn’t until I caught him in the flat on a day when he thought that I would be out that I put two and two together and realised that he was letting himself in when I wasn’t home and stealing stuff. My Singer sewing kit is missing, along with documents relevant to dealing with his infringements against me, as well as a box of vinyl records. A large pair of garden scissors is missing, a box of valuable vinyl records, and quite a few other things are missing. He also said things to me that didn’t make sense when I was talking to him during that period about the position of furniture items inside my flat, that I now realise he knew because he was inside my home on more than one occasion when I wasn’t home, so he knew about these things because he had seen them. On the 26th July my landlord was caught inside my home without my permission to be there, having let himself in with a key that he had told me he didn’t have. The Police event number for this incident is E58697048.

The night prior to this day is the evening that Raffaele had asked me to assist him to put the glass window pane back into place, and it was during this time that he made lewd “sucking a penis” motions with his mouth over the top of a banana, and it was also during this time that he checked with me to see when I was going to be out the following day. My friend Paul Marbo and I had arranged earlier in the week to get together on the Sunday in Sydney where Paul lives. We intended to meet at around 1.30pm, so I had planned to catch the 11am bus. Paul phoned me at 10am and cancelled because he wasn’t well, so I didn’t end up going, but Raffaele had checked and checked again during the conversation that we’d had the night before while putting in the glass pane, and he had expected me to be out. On the Sunday morning he had turned off the water so that I couldn’t have a shower. He knew I wanted to go out, but he did this just so that I wouldn’t be able to shower before leaving the house. Later, when the police arrived to attend his break-in, they told him that it was illegal to turn off the water when there is a tenant in the flat without giving notice in writing that this is what he is going to do.

When he entered at midday, I’d heard a noise as I was sitting at my computer writing my novel, I stopped typing (Raffaele’s hearing is so bad that he wouldn’t have heard me tapping away at the keyboard anyway) and simply listened for what might have been going on in my hallway. Raffaele was attempting to walk quietly in case I actually was home, so he was treading lightly. I wasn’t sure if someone had come in or not, because I have several cats who often chase each other around the house and play in the hallway, rumbling and tumbling each other over, so I wasn’t sure if it was a couple of my cats having a tumbling session. When he walked around the corner of the doorway I was sitting there at my desk looking him straight in the eye, and I became furious. I stood straight up yelling at him saying “What the fuck are you doing in my house?! GET OUT! How dare you! You told me that you didn’t have a key to my unit. I’m going to call the police!” I walked towards him with determination to get him to leave, and I was yelling at him continuously as I was walking towards him. He was surprised to find me still at home.

The glass in the front door is broken because of the fact that Raffaele was pushing back against the door as I was trying to get him to get out of my house. He wanted to argue with me about being in my home, and I was yelling at him and saying “Get the fuck out of my house!” which is a pretty normal reaction to when someone has illegally entered into your home, thinking that you weren’t going to be there. I was so angry I could have beaten the shit out of him, but, I didn’t. He’s lucky that I didn’t take to him with a baseball bat, because he had no right to be in my home. Now, if I were as abusive as he and his son are alleging that that I am, I had the opportunity on that particular day to take out my abusive personality on him, and it would not have been deemed as inappropriate if I had actually thumped him when he was caught in my home without permission. The worst that actually occurred was that in the process of pushing against the door by both of us – him to stop me from pushing him out and me to push him out – he has let go suddenly and I kept pushing, so the force on the door that pushed it closed was a whole lot more than it would have been had I simply closed the door without that extra force, which is what caused the glass to break. I tell you now, he’s lucky that he was dealing with me rather than someone who isn’t as nice as me, because someone else might not have been so self-controlled and might have picked up a piece of that glass and done something a whole lot worse with it. I was completely outraged at his audacity to enter my home without permission, having LIED CONTINUOUSLY about not having a key to my home. He had told me that he didn’t have a key to the front door when I moved in, obviously so that he could enter whenever he wanted and sneak around and STEAL STUFF.

Now, Michael, as you read this and go around telling people what a bad woman I am and how your father is in danger (I’m addressing Michael Pascuzzo here), make sure that you quote me in context and not out of context like you did at the Tribunal. Quote EVERYTHING I say, not just what makes me look bad. I say here that I was so angry that I could have hit your father, but did I actually hit him? No. I had enough self control not to, so don’t bother trying to say that I am dangerous. I’ve had the opportunity to be violent, and I wasn’t, so don’t create lies to support your story. Anyone would have felt the same with someone in their house who had let themself in without permission. That’s normal to feel angry. It’s not an unreasonable emotional response to being violated like that.

Anyway, getting back to Raffaele, the reason why he felt threatened by me was because I was yelling at the top of my lungs to GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE as I was walking towards him after I had picked up my phone to call the police. I do NOT think that this was an inappropriate reaction considering that he had illegally let himself into my home. You only have to listen to the recording in the link here to be able to hear that he thinks he has a right to enter my home, despite the fact that when a tenant has a lease and that he is not allowed by law to do so unless he puts it in writing and gives two weeks notice.

I knew due to my psychic abilities that Raffaele was letting himself into my home when I wasn’t at home. I could feel his sneaky energy in my flat whenever I came home after he had been inside. I decided to put a barrel volt lock on the door that he was letting himself in through that leads to his part of the downstairs section of the house. I did not change the lock to the front door until after I realised that he was letting himself in via that door when I caught him, because he had told me straight faced in a convincing manner that he didn’t have a key to the front door – only the back door. Under such circumstances, I do not believe that it is inappropriate not to give Raffaele a key to my flat. He simply cannot be trusted. I am not risking him stealing any of my things again. He’s already taken enough that I’ve suffered losses from, and because he denies everything whenever I call the police, the only safeguard that I have is to not give him a key. I changed the back door lock within a week of moving in. After catching him inside my home on July 26th (Police event number E58697048) I changed the front door lock too.

Raffaele has told many people that I changed the locks on other parts of his house as well, which is a lie. I don’t have the skill to do that myself. When I changed the back door lock, my friend Robert did the work for me. When I changed the front door lock, my friend Tyson did the work for me. I don’t have the skill to change any locks. Neither do I know how to use electric tools, which is what he told the Tribunal I have supposedly stolen from him at some time. I have no need or use for electric tools.

The senior officer who attended when Raffaele had let himself into my home without permission, Senior Constable Chilcott, said to me “I can’t tell you what to do, but if I were in your shoes I’d want nothing at all to do with this man.”

Raffaele now tells me that he helped me by giving me a place to live because I was in need, however, I never said I was in need, I never said that I had to move house or anything like that because I didn’t, and the man isn’t that kind or altruistic. To me he’s a sinister and deceitful man who attempts to hide behind the mask of being a nice person. He isn’t nice, kind, generous or altruistic at all. I have found him to be a liar who cannot be trusted as far as you could throw him, and he has operated in an underhanded manner the whole time throughout my tenancy in his flat.

On the 7th September I was advised to take out an AVO by the officers who had attended my home when I had called to ask them to come out and talk to me about the fact that Raffaele was sitting outside my door waiting for me to come out of my home so that he could harass me due to the fact that I was stone-cold ignoring him every time I saw him since the day that I caught him inside my home.

The police had arrived at 9.30pm at night because they had had a very busy day and hadn’t been able to attend any earlier. One of the officers said that he was familiar with Raffaele Pascuzzo and that they had had other incidents that they’d had to attend that other tenants had phoned them about also. He told me that I needed to take out an AVO against Raffaele because it was the only way to get him to stop doing whatever he liked to me. (Job number CAD Number 026512-07092015 Senior Constable Godden with Constable Pedroza).

On the 8th September I told the son Michael Pascuzzo to put everything in writing when he kept banging on my front door for half an hour, which was incredibly irritating. Because he would not go away I finally told him to fuck off. In fact, he said when I told him that if he didn’t go away I would call the police, “Go right ahead and call them. I’m not moving and you’re going to answer the door before I leave.” So I did. I did both. I called the police and I answered the door.

Michael Pascuzzo claims that my actions were retaliatory, but they weren’t because I had already been advised to take out the AVO and had intended to do so anyway. The clerk in the office at Port Kembla Court House can attest to the fact that I had asked her if it were also possible to take out an AVO on Michael Pascuzzo, because of the fact that that he had banged on my door for so long the previous afternoon at around 5.00pm, but because this had been his first time enforcing a lot of pressure and acting in a harassing manner, she advised that I probably wouldn’t be able to get an AVO put in place on him. Now, if ever this case went to a civil court of law, that particular clerk from the office of Port Kembla Courthouse would be subpoenaed to give evidence as one of the witnesses who knows my reasons for taking out the AVO.

I instigated an Apprehended Violence Order on the 10th September, 2015 after my landlord had sat on the step outside my front door waiting for me to come out of the house, all day long, every day for eight days running. I had decided not to talk to him onwards from the day that he had let himself into my flat when he expected me to be out, and I had caught him red handed inside my home. You can read the application for an AVO here -> AVO – application

I refused to even say hello to him after that, so he was sitting outside my front door in the hope of cornering me so that he could talk to me. There’s only one exit out of this place due to the lay of the land and the fact that there is no back gate, so he had me prisoner in the house. I have no idea what he wanted to talk to me about, and I don’t care to know. I went to the court house and put the order in place after his son Michael kept knocking (actually, he was banging, not knocking) on my front door for half an hour on the 8th September and wouldn’t go away, despite me telling him to leave or I would call the police. In the minutes previous to Michael constantly knocking on my door, I’d heard his father shouting and screaming at him in the house above over something that his father was upset about. I can only assume that the topic was the fact that I wouldn’t talk to him, because Michael was adamant that he was going to get me to open the door. It appears that Raffaele uses shouting and screaming to manipulate anyone that he is able to, to get them to do his bidding, and it appears that he was screaming at his son to do something about the fact that I wouldn’t talk to him.

Despite what Michael alleges happened next, I did not leave my unit to go upstairs and pay the rent. I stayed inside of my home trying to avoid both Michael and his father Raffale. I was still very angry about having caught Raffaele in my home on the 26th July, 2015. I had previously been avoiding talking to Raffaele and had ice cold ignored him every time I walked past him, including the times when he said hello to me and tried to get me to stop and talk with him as I left to go out in the weeks following his illegal entry into my home on the 26th July. He hates being ignored because it means that he has no control over me. I believe that this is why he sat outside of my front door for 8 days running. If Michael sits back and really thinks about the situation, he will realise that by me keeping myself away from Raffaele during the post “illegal-entry-into-my-home” period of time, it was the most sensible thing that I could have done.

Now, because I was so very, very angry that Raffaele had been inside my home, had I spoken to him I might have punched him on the nose, so really, I was doing the sensible thing by hiding out and keeping away from him (Make sure you quote everything I say here Michael when you tell others about what I’ve written). I had enough self-control and self-knowledge to know to keep away from him due to how I was feeling. I tell you, I’ve never felt as violated as what I did when he walked down the hall of my flat and I caught him red handed inside my home without my permission. I was totally outraged. Like I have said before, if I were as abusive as Michael and his family are claiming that I am, it was when I was face-to-face with Raffaele standing in my hallway that I could have done some real damage, I was so angry. When I’m angry, I’m very powerful – sometimes so powerful that it even surprises me. Raffaele truly is lucky that I didn’t king hit him while he was inside the house, I tell you. I didn’t, so don’t go around saying that I did Michael. I didn’t. I sure felt like doing it though, but thinking of doing it and actually doing it are two completely different things.

As the days went by after that event I became more angry when I discovered that there was quite a few items that had gone missing once my knowledge of the fact that he had been in my house helped to open my eyes to things that had previously confused me. Over the course of the days and weeks following the 26th July I could see that things that I thought I’d put away in places where I couldn’t find them had actually been stolen. My singer sewing box/kit hadn’t been in its place where I left it for a long time, but I didn’t realise that it had been stolen until I put two and two together in the days following his illegal entry into my home. I remembered where I’d last put it but there had been an empty space in that section of the dresser in my bedroom for quite a while, and it was only because I now knew that he had a key that I realised that various items had been stolen. Next to that dresser is a table that the baby chicken that I helped to heal was in a box on. Raffaele had made comments about his missing baby chicken that didn’t make sense to me, but when I put two and two together, I realised that he had taken my sewing kit when he had been standing looking at the baby chicken in the box when he had been inside of my home without my permission. I was unlucky to lose my sewing kit but fortunately I had been prompted by foresight when I sensed a real need to put my jewellery in the safe at the Post Office in the second week after having moved into this property, and I’m really glad that I did. Had my gold jewellery been in its case I’m very sure that it and the case would be gone now too.

Just to explain how I manage to stay inside for as long as I do, I don’t have to leave the house every single day. Aside from my work doing psychic readings on the telephone, I’m a writer and I can sit inside for days at a time without leaving the house. Because of the fact that I had thought it a waste of money to have a landline telephone and internet connection put on here once I realised that I wasn’t going to be residing at this address for very long, I haven’t had access to the internet at home at all times due to the cost of the USB stick mobile broadband, so rather than writing articles for my various websites (which is what I usually do), I wrote a novel from start to finish instead, including getting it ready for the printer and formatting an e-book. I did this from the month of June through to December.

I was in the middle of writing my novel during that 8 day period. It’s worth noting that I lost some of the writings of my novel when my computer got ruined when the water came into my unit from the bathroom above on the 24th October because my novel was the document that was left open when I had walked out of my flat earlier that day and I hadn’t saved my work. I had an older version of it saved on my other laptop – my Lenovo T65 – so I wrote out what was missing again on that particular older laptop and tried to remember what I’d done that I’d lost when writing in the days following the 24th October.. In the 8 days when he was stalking me, Raffaele usually went back up to his own house by the time each day began to get dark, so it was then that I would go shopping at the local shopping centre for groceries at Coles if I needed to, or go to the post office – if it was still open – and do my banking. I was avoiding him so that I wouldn’t completely lose it with him.

Regarding the rent, prior to being given my landlord’s bank account number, which didn’t occur until around the end of September (can’t remember the exact date and have misplaced the form that his account number was written on), my cheques for the rent have always been dated on either the Saturday that the money goes into my account or the day that he is handed the cheque. ie. If I find him and he takes the cheque on the Saturday, then that is the date on the cheque, but if I don’t find him until the Tuesday, then that is the date on the cheque. Whether or not Raffaele banked the cheques on the day that he was given the cheques was up to him, not me. There were times when I wasn’t able to get him to answer the front door when I wanted to put the cheque into his hand. I always took a photo or had someone present when I gave him the cheque so that I have evidence or a witness who has seen that he has been paid.

Any failure to bank the cheque within a few days of when he was given the cheque does not mean that I didn’t give it to him on time. He refuses to give me a receipt, as you will hear in the recording if you click here, so I only have receipts for when the money was banked once I was actually banking it myself. Raffaele is clever enough and conniving enough to delay putting the cheque into the bank in order to make it appear that I haven’t given him a cheque, but the date on my cheques is the date I give him the cheque, so if necessary I can provide my chequebook as evidence that my rent is usually not more than about 11 days in arrears. I am NEVER 25 days in arrears. The only reason that this might have occurred (if in fact what is written on page 25 is accurate, because Michael has not provided any bank statements to substantiate his claims), would be that Raffaele simply hadn’t put the money into the bank. Where’s the evidence to support the claims made here, and prove that Raffaele hadn’t already been given the cheque during this 25 day arrears period that Michael is claiming was caused by me.

There was one situation caused by the bank itself when they made a mistake and dishonoured a cheque of mine even though there were funds in the account. They wrote me a letter of apology for that, and it is one of the documents that I have submitted to the Tribunal to prove that the error was the bank’s not mine. You can read the apology letter from the bank here -> letter from the bank .

After I had actually been given his account number, the other times when I have not put the money in on the Monday have been when I haven’t been into a Westpac bank on that day. If I am near a bank I deposit the cheque then. If not, I don’t put it in until the first day that I am close to a bank after collecting my earnings. My most recent payment into my account was the 9th January, 2016. Because I bank with Citibank my earnings go in on a Saturday, not a Friday, so then it isn’t until the Monday following that I will put the money into his account if I’m near a bank.

An Apprehended Violence Order (AV0) was put in place against my landlord Raffaele Pascuzzo on the 1st October at Port Kembla Court House. The AVO included reference to at least six incidents that the police had to attend. The judge who resided over the matter told Raffaele and his son Michael that they were not to talk to me, that they were to put everything that they wanted to say to me in writing from that point on. I am going to order a transcript of the whole court hearing and place it here so that it proves that the judge said these things to the Pascuzzos. For now, you can read the final Court Orders here -> AVO – final order , but please note that the final order and the things that were said by the Judge that can only be read in the transcript are different. Many of the things that the Judge told Michael and Raffaele are not in the Final Order, but do appear in the transcript.

On October 2nd, despite having been told to stay away from all the windows and doors of my flat, Raffaele Pascuzzo stood at the back door of my flat and said out loud “You are going to go no matter if it’s the last thing I do on earth”. He was angry when he said it. Now, if I had been a nasty person, I could have chosen to call the police then because he was breaking his AVO immediately after it had been put in place, but I chose to ignore what he had said. I don’t operate the way he does, using bullying and intimidation tactics. I know enough about the law to operate within the law, and to have my rights enforced lawfully and legally. According to what the police have to say, and by my very own experience with him, this man is accustomed to using intimidation tactics and bullying to get what he wants.

Here’s another example of his bad behaviour:

On Thursday October 22nd Raffaele Pascuzzo brought down to me the rates notice, telling me that it was a bill for water. The bill amounted $164.38. He told me that I had to pay half, and asked me when I could pay. I thought it was fair to pay something towards the water rates but not the full half as Raffaele is always out in his garden watering the garden, so I said I would pay $64.38, but that I couldn’t pay it until the next time I got paid which would be October 31st. He walked away when I said that.

On Friday October 23rd Raffaele Pascuzzo once again brought the rates notice to me telling me that he wants the money. I said to him “Yes, I told you I would pay on Saturday 31st October.” He walked away angry and grumbling to himself saying that I would have to go now (this meant that he was now going to issue and eviction notice on me).

On Saturday October 24th I went out for the day to use the internet locally and arrived home at 9pm that night. There was water leaking into my flat from his house above and it had gone all over my desk and my main laptop computer which was a Toshiba. I rang Raffaele’s son because Raffaele wasn’t home, and said that the water had ruined my computer and that Raffaele would need to replace my laptop computer. Here is the assessment done by the man that I take my computer to when I have issues. Click here -> computer assessment to read it. The issue with the water rates was raised by him, after acknowledging what I had said to him.

Despite the allegations being made against me in Michael’s submission to the Tribunal, it was son Michael Pascuzzo who was rude to me, not the other way around. He bullied and harassed me about paying a portion of the water rates, obviously because his father had lied to him and said that I had said that I wouldn’t pay anything towards the water rates, and so Michael told me that I should do the right thing and pay. He pressured me about the water rates even when I said that I had told his father that I couldn’t pay until I next got paid in a week’s time. He said to me that “that wasn’t good enough”. I said to him to shut his mouth because what he had to say wasn’t in writing like the judge had told him to do, then I hung up on him. Because he was being so pushy about something that I had already agreed to do, I thought about the situation and realised that there was no clause in my lease agreement that stated that I had to pay water rates and so I sent Raffaele’s son Michael a text to say that I was under no legal obligation to pay the water rates. I moved the desk into another room so that it was no longer beneath the leaking ceiling.

On Sunday October 25th I invited Raffaele in to show him where the water had been leaking all over my computer desk and over the floors throughout the unit, and he acted like it wasn’t coming from his home but rather from the roof. This is a lie because it hadn’t rained for a week and even when it has rained whilstever I’ve lived here never has there been water dripping like a tap running like it was on this day. The water was coming from several places on the ceiling that are under his bathroom and the plumbing from his toilet. The ceiling itself has cracks in it, but he said to me that it appeared that I had thrown water on the ceiling. This was an attempt to deflect attention away from him being at fault and point the fault in my direction. He asked me to get the mop and wipe it off to see if water reappeared through the crack, which it did, and then he started to say what he always says….”Now you be a good girl and I’ll let you stay here….” I replied to him “Don’t speak to me like I’m a child Raffaele. Now it’s time for you to leave.” I ordered him out of my flat, closing the door behind him. I took photographs of the leaks coming from the ceiling in case I need to prove that there has been an issue.

water dripping 5

During the day the water stopped leaking. I believe that Raffaele knows how to cause the leak and that it was done as a way to hurt me and/or my property because he’s angry that I haven’t given him the money for the water and he thinks that I had no intention of paying anything towards the water rates at all. That was a wrong assumption, because up until his son Michael began harassing me on the phone, I did intend to pay as soon as I was able.

On Monday evening while I was at the local McDonalds using the internet once again, I received a text from Raffaele’s son Michael telling me that there is a notice in the letterbox for me at home. I sent a text in response, thinking that the notice was about the water rates, saying “I am under no legal obligation to pay the water rates, but if you (Michael Pascuzzo) stop harassing me, I might actually pay something towards it.”

When I arrived home and took the notice out of the letterbox it wasn’t about the water rates at all. Instead it was a termination of lease notice. I believe that this termination notice had arrived in response to a reaction from Michael because I told him to “shut your mouth Michael. What you are saying isn’t in writing,” when I was speaking on the phone with him on the Saturday night beforehand.

In the counter submission that I received in January with regards to my own evidence that had been submitted to the Tribunal, Michael denies being told by the Judge that he was to put everything in writing. If you click here, very shortly you’ll be able to read the transcript from the day in court on the 1st October, 2015. It is at the end of the hearing that the female judge tells Michael to put all communication in writing to me from now on. She also tells Raffaele that he is not to linger outside any of my windows or doors. He hasn’t done either of these things that he was told to do.

On Tuesday 27th October at 10am I call and speak to a friend about what has gone on. She tells me that the notice that Raffaele had shown me contained other costs as well as the water usage costs, and that had the requirement to pay been valid that I would have only been required to pay a portion of the water usage, not half of the whole bill. This was when I discovered that I had been deceived once again by my landlord. You can read her statement here -> statement by Pat .

So I rang the Department of Fair Trading NSW about the situation and was told that I was under no legal obligation to pay anything towards the water rates because the whole house is linked up to the one meter and the bill is in my landlord’s name. I was also advised to take out a Retaliatory Eviction claim against my landlord and his son Michael under Section 115 of the Residential Tenancy Act 2010. The part of that act that applies is the following clause:

Tenant had taken or proposed to take an action to enforce a right of the tenant under the Residential Tenancy Agreement, this act, or any other law.

Later in the day, when I went out to the veranda section in front of my flat in order to water my plant, Raffaele Pascuzzo stood on the landing above the area where I was standing and said very smugly to me “Now you’ll have to go under the law. Michael took out that eviction notice and got me to sign it. Because you won’t work in with us, you have to go.” I said to him “We will discuss this another time,” and then walked back inside of my flat, closing my front door. I did not want to broadcast my intention to lodge a Retaliatory Eviction Claim against him but would rather have all the motions set in place before he realises that he’s going to have to justify what he and his son have done. I told my friend Russell Benn what had gone on over the last few days when I went to the post office later that day. You can read Russell’s statement here -> statement by Russell

I lodged the Retaliatory Eviction Notice with the Department of Fair Trading on Friday 30th October and the hearing was set for Tuesday 17th November.

On Melbourne Cup day Tuesday, 3rd November, while I was out, my landlord turned off my electricity at the fuse box once again. Senior Officer Goddard attended when I phoned for a police officer to come and take a report about it, and when here he said to me, “It’s no use going up and speaking to Raffaele because he just does the wog thing and acts like he can’t understand what I’m saying to him, then when he does finally get it he denies, denies, denies. We can’t charge him unless he admits to anything, even though we know that it’s almost certain he has done these things.”

We went to the tribunal on the 21st November and when we went before the Tribunal member the hearing was set aside for the 1st February the following year, which gives me some time for other things to fall into place in my life that will allow me to move out without too much stress and drama. His son attended the initial hearing and told me that I had caused so much trouble that he and his father had decided that I was to go a long time ago. I laughed at that. I said “Oh, so standing up for my rights [by reporting his crimes to the police] is causing trouble?” Yep, that’s what they see as causing trouble. Never mind all the infringements against me that he and his father have done… oh no, those infringements simply don’t matter or get acknowledged or taken into account by Michael. He doesn’t want to believe that his father is a bad man, so he thinks that I am making things up, and due to the pressure that his father places on him to get him to stand up for him, Michael himself has infringed on my rights also. Tell me Michael, how come the police have so often warned me about your father? Now why would they bother to do that if he didn’t already have a long history of harming other tenants with them? Don’t be so blind and stupid.

I am well aware of the fact that Raffaele denies everything, and even tells blatant lies to try to cover up what he has done. He tells so many lies that he starts to believe them himself. In my opinion, the man is a psychopath. I’ve said to him in the past “Don’t think that I’m not aware of the fact that you’re a psychopathic liar Raffaele. Don’t think that you can pull the wool over my eyes.”

I had a conversation with him on the Sunday just gone about the fact that I refuse to give him a key because I simply can’t trust him. I said to him that I’d caught him red handed in my house, and he denied that I had. Now that is just ludicrous. I caught him. I walked towards him yelling at him forcing him to get out. He felt threatened by me so he backed out, there’s no denying what he did, and as God is my witness I tell no lie about this. Yet there he stood like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth denying what had actually happened. The man is evil. Plus, he makes out that he has dementia so that he can get away with his sinister acts, so that people can say it’s just a mental illness but he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. It’s not dementia he has, but rather, demonic possession. He’s a master manipulator who is cunning and conniving, and he can’t be trusted at all. His wife died 12 years ago, but if my psychic senses are right, she died to get away from him. Unfortunately for her, the only option that she would have had would be to die, because he was keeping her suppressed, abused and a prisoner, which is what he would have done to me had I let him.

Just recently, several neighbours have told me what he’s done to them in the past too, which helps me feel that the problem doesn’t lie with me, it lies with him.

Update Monday 7th December: I phoned an advertiser in the paper who buys vinyl records in order to sell a box of records that I have, and he came to see me at 5.20pm today. He said to me that Raffaele had phoned him a couple of weeks earlier to come and buy some records off him and that he had already been to this house in an attempt to buy the records. He said that he didn’t get past the garage door because Raffaele wanted to show him pictures of his wife, so the guy decided not to come in because he felt that Raffaele only wanted company rather than sell some records. THOSE records are MY missing box of records that I told his son Michael about in the first two weeks of moving in. Your father has lied to you about having taken my records Michael. When are you going to wake up to who he is? The guy who buys the records is named Clive, his phone number is 0430313869 and his ad is on page 49 of the Wollongong Advertiser on Wednesday December 2nd’s edition of the paper. Call and ask him about this yourself if you don’t believe me.

On the 9th December the neighbour who lives diagonally across the road and down the hill slightly, told me that she had seen my box of records in the gardening room that is outside my front verandah and under the driveway. She told me that she had asked Raffaele “who owns the records?” and he said that they belonged to his daughter. She and I had been talking because I’d dropped off a flyer with a notice about how one of my cats is missing, and she asked me why I was yelling out about how Raffaele had stolen something when I walked past him the morning prior. I had done that – I’d stood on the grass at the front of the house and yelled out so that all the neighbours could hear me telling them about how he stole my records. She wanted to know more about the box, and when I said that it was an old blue milk crate she said that she had seen it in the small room at the end of my verandah. See Michael? I haven’t lied about the theft of my things. There’s your proof.

Thursday 10th December: I was in the post office when a man came up to me and said hello. His name is Michael Pascuzzo and he is a distant cousin of Raffaele, my landlord. I know cousin Michael Pascuzzo from having met him at a seminar that we both attended in 2004 where we became friends, and we have spoken on the telephone with each other on at least four different occasions after the seminar at Auburn RSL in the conference room on the second floor. It had been a law seminar, and we’d both gone along to learn how to deal with the Law. When he bumped into me at the Lake Heights Post Office in early December (because he now lives in Cringila) he recognised me and said hello, and when he asked me what I was doing in Wollongong because we haven’t spoken for about 7 years. I told him that I had moved down away from the rat race in Sydney and I said where I was living, and he got a surprise saying that he had lived here too. He is an older man in his sixties, who had 43 million dollars’ worth of real estate taken from him by the banks and the government, and at the seminar where we met we were taught about how to deal with the Law with regards to these things. The story of how he ended up living in this same flat is that his wife kicked him out and Raffaele offered to help him by letting him have the flat (note that I said ‘flat’, because that is what Raffaele gave him, not a room), but that once he actually got here Raffaele thought that he could do whatever he wanted. As with me, he would enter into Cousin Michael Pascuzzo’s flat when he wasn’t home; as in my case, there were items that went missing that Michael knew Raffaele had taken; and as with me he would turn off the electricity or remove the fuses at the fuse box whenever he wanted to fight and argue with Michael.

Wednesday 23rd December. Then I bumped into cousin Michael Pascuzzo again at the Wesley Uniting Church lunch hall in the week prior to Christmas, and we sat together and had another conversation – a much longer conversation – about what has been going on while I’ve been living here. He told me that that it had been a complete nightmare for him living in Raffaele’s flat and dealing with all the infringements that Raffaele does against his tenants during the time that he had lived here between 2008 and 2010. I asked him if he would make a statement for me, but he was worried that it would cause trouble for him because he knows what Raffaele is like (he said that Raffaele would tell all the relatives about how Michael had betrayed him), and he was reluctant to give me a statement. He currently has his left arm in a sling after having had an operation on it, which attests to the fact that I have spoken to him on these two occasions. He also gave me his new phone number, which proves that I actually did have a conversation with him when standing with him in the Post Office and at the Wesley Uniting Church lunch hall, so I will provide that as evidence to the Tribunal in my counter submission when I put it to them. Should it ever go to court I will subpoena him to appear in court and attest to what he told me in the post office and at lunch. If he lies, that will be perjury.

My neighbour Dianne McBride has written me a statement about the fact that she had spoken to cousin Michael Pascuzzo on many occasions between 2008 and 2010, and that she witnessed the fact that he lived in the flat during those years. This will completely negate Michael and Raffaele’s claim that nobody has lived in the flat for 30 years. You can read her statement here -> Statement by Diane .

Regarding where I’ve been accused of killing two chickens in the submission put to the Tribunal, I have a few cats and one chicken of my own, so why would I want to kill a chicken if I’m such a lover of animals that I have always had either a cat/s or ducks or chickens of my own?

I also helped one of the baby hens that belongs to Raffaele to heal when my cat dragged it inside my house. It wasn’t able to walk because it had been in my cat’s jaws. It was still alive, but it had a sprained leg or something and couldn’t stand up. I kept that baby hen in a box full of dried grass and fed it and gave it water until it healed. It was then put back into the garden with Raffaele’s other chickens after a long period of healing once it was able to walk again. I have a witness who can attest to the fact that this baby chicken lived with me for about three months while it healed. He has written me a testimony to this fact and I will submit it to the Tribunal as evidence in a couple of weeks, and shortly, readers online can read his statement statement by Paul. I couldn’t kill an animal for any reason whatsoever, even if I was starving to death. These allegations are based on assumption and the willingness to see me as someone who would do that kind of nasty stuff.

After I put the young chicken back into the garden – there were about 60 of them running around in the yard as well as crossing the street and going into other people’s yards – it went missing. When I inquired where it was, Raffaele told me that Maria from across the road had taken it along with about 15 others. That claim sounded right as the population of the chickens had diminished around the same time that I asked the question. I was pleased to hear that the chicken hadn’t been killed by a dog. It was still too small to have made a good meal for any human consumption, therefore I didn’t think that anyone had killed it to eat it, so the story that Raffaele told me sounded true (for once), although one can never fully believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

I did see one of the chickens who died. It was a hen that was being pecked by the other chickens and roosters for weeks prior to when I saw it dead. At one point there was about 50 hens and 8 roosters who roamed freely at this address, and so I suspect that it was killed by the other chickens within their pecking order.

The allegation that I killed it because of the noise makes no sense because it was a hen, not a rooster. The roosters’ crowing doesn’t bother me. Plus, the roosters sleep in the tri-level front garden, either sleeping in the tree or perched on one of the railings that Raffaele has set up for them that reaches from the bridge to his front door, to the top level of the garden. They do not sleep at the back of the house or gather there during the night, and even though they do crow at night I don’t hear them because my bedroom is at the back of the flat, not the front.

Now let’s just say that I do have it in me to kill an animal….. if I wanted to reduce the noise here I’d kill a rooster, not a hen. That would make more sense than killing any hens, wouldn’t it? But the one dead chicken that I saw was a hen, not a rooster. Killing a hen because of the noise doesn’t make sense, does it? Hens don’t crow. The neighbours in number 24 directly across the road have told me that the roosters keep them awake because they crow at night and are in the front yard, not the back, so yes, there are people in the street that object to the roosters, but it’s not me.

I have no idea what happened to the second chicken that they claim in their submission has been killed by me. I didn’t see that one. Raffaele has said to me (in the first two weeks of staying here) that in the past there have been dogs who have attacked his chickens. I can only assume that a dog got the other one, if in fact two chickens died and not just one. Or, Raffaele himself has killed it so that he can blame me for doing it. That’s another very strong possibility. I wouldn’t put it past him either.

Now, on a spiritual level, I’ve used my psychic Sight to look into who this man is, and I’ve seen that he’s possessed by a very powerful demon. He’s a master manipulator, one who presents one face to some, and another to others. In my opinion, the story that he goes around telling those who will listen about how much he loved his wife and how the medical profession killed her is just a way to garner sympathy. Witnesses of how he used to treat her have told me how he ordered her around and was demeaning to her. He’s deluded in the way that he thinks he has a right to control people, but he got a shock with me because he didn’t expect me to stand up to him the way that I have. I won’t back down and take his abuse. A demon can only exist inside of a person whose energy is evil enough to allow it to live there, so Raffaele was already an arsehole before the demon took residence in his energy field. All I wanted was a quiet place to live. I was happy to teach him the internet like we agreed, but when he started playing games it was time to put an end to his manipulations by enacting some continuous and repetitive measures, such as calling the police each time he did something that was against the law. My spiritual protectors have been watching too, and his actions and behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed and won’t go without consequence.



Journey Along the Path of Spirituality 

With regards to my own journey along the path of spirituality, I have been an Empath all my life, and with that comes several abilities, which include telepathy, clairvoyance (precognition), clairsentience (the ability to feel the tangible shape and texture of the emotions of both those in my vicinity and those at a distance), clairaudience and insight. Continue Reading