.5 The Heirophant

The Heirophant Emerald Tolemac

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The Heirophant Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and the artists that work for her.

The Heirophant Emerald Tolemac 

The Emperor’s youth and attractiveness show his masculine virility; he is a strong character who knows how to get things done. This card represents King Arthur of Camelot. His crown shows his authority and sovereignty. Fourth card in the major arcana, he balances the feminine power of the Empress by representing male ability, although the stream flowing behind him hearkens back to her more free-flowing influence. The decisive will of the Emperor serves to guide the questioner in a definite direction on their path. Continue Reading

The Hierophant Card Meaning
The Hierophant Card Meaning

The Hierophant Card Meaning: sometimes called the High Priest, he’s the counter part to the High Priestess, but represents the wise man rather than the wise woman. He’s a great teacher, adviser and counsellor and will give good advice even if it’s a bit conventional in spirit. He can represent the feeling of having one’s creativity stifled and is not the favourite card of the deck for the more maverick and unconventional of us!

Tarot card number: 5

Astrological sign: taurus Continue Reading

The Hierophant Traits

The Hierophant Traits

As we have been discussing in previous articles, there are 22 cards in Major arcana, each depicting the various stages of the journey of The Fool from arrival into a new life to final glory. So after meeting with The Empress and The Emperor, The Fool encounters The Hierophant. Now we will look at The Hierophant Traits.

Right before meeting with the Hierophant, The Fool is full of doubt. What if he is on the wrong road and his struggle is for naught? What if the goals and plans that he works hard for are taken away? What if everything is lie? As you see The Fool is full of doubt and fears. He does not believe in himself and so now is the right time to meet with The Hierophant. Continue Reading