10 The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Emerald Tolemac

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The Wheel of Fortune Emerald Tolemac from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and the artists that work for her.

The Wheel of Fortune Emerald Tolemac 

This is a very complex card with many, many symbols on it. As such, it will require a very long explanation.

The Wheel of Fortune card is ruled by the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, as represented by the Bull, the Lion, the Angel, and the Eagle, which can be found at the four corners of the card. The fixed nature of these signs means that they are stable and dependable. This should reassure the questioner, for it can be alarming to get Wheel of Fortune in a reading; it seems that the entire smorgasbord of experience is at one’s fingertips. In Hebrew tradition there is a prayer that can be translated as, “The whole world is a very narrow bridge; the important thing is not to be afraid.” This lets us know that although there are a myriad of options, there is a path that resonates most with a particular soul and, never fear because this card can help you attune to that resonance. Continue Reading

The Wheel of Fortune Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card meaning is about the cycle of life. We’re midway through the Major Arcana now. This card indicates that everything moves in circles.  Just as the wheel can move downwards and bring misfortune and bad luck, it is sure to move upwards again and bring us the luck we seek. Drawing this card can herald a new cycle in life, but it can also be a pointer to the fact that destiny is at hand, and we may not have much to do with our current circumstances.

tarot card number: 10

planet: Jupiter Continue Reading

Wheel of Fortune Traits

Wheel of Fortune Traits

The Major arcana illustrates the whole path of The Fool to enlightenment. The tenth card of Major arcane is called the Wheel of Fortune. Here we will look at the Wheel of Fortune Traits. After meeting with the Hermit and under- standing the whole secret of life, The Fool then encounters the Wheel of Fortune. Continue Reading