Outward Appearances

First Impressions and Outward Appearances

First Impressions and Outward Appearances

For this week’s reading I randomly chose five types of first impressions that people might get of you and wrote about them in this article. Read on to see if one of these first impressions is about you.

Five Different Impressions people may get when they meet you:

  1. Open, Sincere, Warm, Convivial
  2. Closed, Protective, Untrusting
  3. Friendly, Confident, Self-assured, Knows where he/she is Going
  4. Pushy, Arrogant, Dominant without Compassion
  5. Shy and Quiet, but a Genuinely Decent Individual

full of life rsOpen, Sincere, Warm, Convivial

1. Generally, other people see you as open, sincere, warm, and convivial. If this sounds like you, then read on.

When others first meet you they find you to be open, sincere, warm and convivial. Convivial means “with life,” so it means that you make others happy to be alive. You are so full of life that you fill others with zest. People sense that they can trust you straight away, and they find you very easy to talk with.

This is because you are genuinely all of those things ie. Open, sincere, warm and convivial, although sometimes you put this face on to cover the fact that you are tired, or feeling a little down, or not coping with life at that particular moment. Doing so is often a good thing, so that you don’t unnecessarily burden others with your troubles, especially when you’re meeting them for the first time. Better to lean on someone you know well to help you through your troubling times, which of course you already do and already know.

courageClosed, Protective, Untrusting

2. Sometimes people will get the impression that you are closed, protective, and untrusting. If this sounds like you, then read on.

When others first meet you they don’t always get the right first impression of who you are. You have a tendency to put up a protective wall that may possibly give people the wrong impression of who you are. This is because in the past you’ve been hurt and let down, and possibly there has been abuse in your life at a very young age, so now you protect yourself by keeping your distance from others and waiting to get to know people before opening up to them. Your protective stance can sometimes be misread as snobbery, so remember to greet people with a little more enthusiasm if you’d like to make friends sooner.

When walking into a room full of people, glancing in other people’s direction with a smile will help them feel that you aren’t shutting them out. It will help them feel that they can approach you later if they decide that they’d like to talk with you. Avoiding eye contact with others gives the impression that you have something to hide, or that you don’t want to talk to anyone or connect with people. A simple glance that makes eye contact with people will change that early first impression.

Making people feel welcome is simply a slight adjustment to the way you do things now. It doesn’t take much to change the first impressions people get of you. Relax a little, and smile a little more 🙂

grey haired beautyFriendly, Confident, Self-assured, Knows where he/she is Going

3. Some people will appear friendly, confident, self-assured, and generally appear to know where he/she is going. If this sounds like you, then read on.

When others first meet you they notice that you are friendly and apparently good-willed, which makes you very amicable. You make an impression by smiling and complimenting those around you! You are confident and self-assured, and people sense that either you already are or are yet to become a leader in whatever it is you do. There is a stability about you that defines you from others in that those you meet feel that you know exactly where you are going in life. This gives people the confidence to place their trust in you.

You love others and are truly loveable yourself. You are genuinely nice, someone who is likely to say hello to everyone whom you pass as you walk down the street. You can be very gregarious when around others, enjoying speaking with people and becoming more energised when around large groups of people.

hillary-clinton-chillPushy, Arrogant, Dominant without Compassion

4. Some people will appear to be pushy, arrogant, and dominant without compassion. If this sounds like you, then read on.

When others first meet you they notice that you appear to be pushy and arrogant. You have given people the impression that you don’t have any compassion, and that you are very dominant. In some cases this is because this is how you really ARE, and in others, it’s because you lack confidence and you come across this way because you don’t know how to relate to others. You aren’t grounded, and so because of that you try to relate from a frightened space (your voice coming purely from your throat, not from deep in your chest) without being connected to your inner self, you give the impression that you are arrogant. If this is simply a front, then inside yourself you know that this isn’t really how you are, but you don’t know how to get from the “defensive” you to the “grounded” version of you.

In some cases, you appear this way because you are this way. If that be so for you, and you’re willing to address that within yourself, then it’s time to do some work on your Shadow. Often it’s the inner child rising up being a little brat, and so all that is required is to love that child and let him or her know that you are there for them now, even though your parents weren’t. When the inner child feels safe and supported, then that aspect of yourself won’t feel the need to continue being the way it is.

In the case where giving this impression to others is because you’re being defensive rather than truly arrogant, then learning to love yourself is the key to acting differently around others. There are many teachers who specialise in teaching you how to do that, but my favourite lady for teaching you how to love yourself is Louise Hay.

asian shyShy and Quiet, but a Genuinely Decent Individual

5. Some people will appear to be shy and quiet and lacking in confidence, but overall a very decent individual. If this sounds like you, then read on.

When people meet you, you are very shy and quiet and it takes a while for people to get to know you. However, once they do, they find out that you are quite lovely. Often because you are so shy, people don’t notice you, since you take such a backseat when you are out in a crowd, so you often don’t get noticed. All that it would take would be for you to speak up a little more than you do now, and you’d make friends a lot faster than what currently occurs.

Just be mindful that your first impression doesn’t give people the feeling that they can walk all over you. Sometimes, those who see shyness as a weakness will immediately subconsciously decide that you’re an easy target for their games and manipulations. Don’t ever let yourself be a doormat for anyone. Shyness does not entitle others to treat you with any less respect than the next individual.

Shyness can sometimes be a cover method that a very clever individual uses so that they can watch and observe what is going on in any given situation. You might be one of those who uses the appearance of shyness to your advantage. From a position where people don’t expect much from you, you can gather a lot of information that will help you to decide how to approach a particular situation in the future. Shyness can be a strategic manoeuvre, rather than a real personality trait.

Shy people are usually very affable, which means that they are usually very kind.

So that’s our reading for this week. Please join us each week here at Madeline Rose Facebook page for a different reading each week.



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