Psychics Who Are Also Clairvoyant

Psychics Who Are Also Clairvoyant

Frequently people associate the term “psychics” with the term “clairvoyants”. This is a common misconception, as the two are similar but not the same. Not all psychics have clairvoyant abilities, although quite a few of them do. “Clairvoyance” simply means “clear vision” and is used to refer to a man or woman’s ability to tap into knowledge that goes unseen by the untrained eye.

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difference psychic reading skills

Different Psychic Reading Skills

What’s the difference between a Tarot Reader, a psychic, a clairvoyant and a medium? Many people have no idea. It’s important that you know the difference between these four skills so that you can search for the kind of reader that you need. So what are the different psychic reading skills?

Not all people who are Psychic can also do Mediumship. On a similar note, not all Mediums are Psychic. Therefore you must learn to tell when your potential reader knows how to do what you’re seeking and when they don’t. Mediums can connect with the souls of those who have departed, and not every Psychic can do that.

Psychics read your soul and can tell you about yourself. They can sometimes see into the future also. Mediums often can’t do that.

Clairvoyants can often see things that those who are Psychic can’t. Then again, those who read the Tarot Cards are rarely able to connect with the souls of those who have passed. So if that’s what you’re seeking from a reading, then you need to find someone who is a Medium, not someone who is a Psychic, Clairvoyant or Tarot Reader.

So what then is the difference? Let’s compare:

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Journey Along the Path of Spirituality 

With regards to my own journey along the path of spirituality, I have been an Empath all my life, and with that comes several abilities, which include telepathy, clairvoyance (precognition), clairsentience (the ability to feel the tangible shape and texture of the emotions of both those in my vicinity and those at a distance), clairaudience and insight. Continue Reading