This category is for articles about our Quest in life. When we have discovered what our Quest is, we can work towards it. Self Mastery is the key to fulfilling our quest.

the magician traits

The Magician Traits

There are 22 cards in Major Arcana. The card that is not numbered is called The Fool, and the rest of the Major Arcana cards are all about the journey of the Fool from beginning to enlightenment. Therefore we have 21 cards that explain the path of the Fool. The first card is the Magician, which is recognised as a favourite card. Continue Reading

Hero Neo as The Fool

There are 78 tarot cards and each of them has special, deep meaning that represents certain ways of life. These cards are divided into two groups which are called the Major and the Minor Arcana, the word “Arcana” meaning “secret”. For now we will focus only on the Major Arcana which consists of 22 cards, but numbered cards are twenty-one and one is unnumbered (it is called “The Fool”). We will analyse each of them, and we will travel this journey together. Continue Reading

My Own Journey

My Own Journey

Here you’ll read all about My Own Journey. It was a long and arduous road to get to where I am with regards to being able to do what I do, but nevertheless I’m here now.

I have had this natural Clairvoyant gift since I was a child (as far back as I can remember) but I didn’t understand it then. As the years went by I learned that I could assist people.

I have run businesses all my life and am qualified in many different fields. I have many, many years as a professional reader and am here to give you a very professional and warm reading about the part of your life that you choose.

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