Do You Believe in Love

Do You Believe in Love?

Many of my callers phone to ask when they will meet their soulmate. This question comes up for almost everyone. However, it’s not a matter of ‘when’ in many cases, rather it’s a matter of ‘if’. If I were to ask you Do You Believe in Love, most people would say “Yes of course”. But deep down inside they’ve had so many disappointments that it’s no longer a known given, it’s only a hope. Continue Reading

The Lovers Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and her artists

The Lovers Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and the artists that work for her.

The Lovers Emerald Tolemac 

The themes of The Lovers are trial and choice, relation and communion. The number of this card is six, which symbolises adjustment in thought and attitude. Six is the number of truth, order, justice, economy, harmony and balance. It gives people the opportunity to develop a clear idea of right and wrong and to experience the consequences of their choices – cause and effect.  Whenever a six card appears, you will find that life is presenting you with opportunities to learn your responsibilities, and to be of service to humanity. Continue Reading

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

Physical and emotional abuse can very easily cause deep permanent damage to an individual. What’s so unfortunate abut this type of situation is that you live in fear of daily abuse but still stay in the relationship. You find yourself covering up the marks, crying through the hurtful words, and making excuses for him. Abusive relationships originate from anger and from him trying to establish a sense of control over you. Then, before you know it, he controls every cent that you make, and how much you spend. Now you’re there feeling completely trapped and dependent upon him with now way out. What you really should be planning to do is escaping an abusive relationship.

“No man is worth your tears. And the one who is won’t make you cry.” Brian Littrell

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Nurture a Strong Loving Bond

Nurture a Strong Loving Bond

Not all relationships are abusive. When you have a healthy relationship, here is how to take it from being a good relationship to being an awesome one. Guessing what your man is thinking can become an eternal agonising quest. This is because men are not usually able to voice their feelings and emotions. I have often explained the science of men and women’s hormonal wiring to women who have come to me for readings (and sometimes I’ve explained it to men as well). When keeping these things in mind, you  can easily enhance and Nuture a Strong Loving Bond:

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How to Achieve Emotional Maturity

How to Achieve Emotional Maturity

Eliminate Magical Thinking

There are seven steps that guide you on How to Achieve Emotional Maturity, beginning with eliminating magical thinking. Magical thinking is believing that something will happen without any real effort on your part.  This is normal thinking in children, but self defeating in adults. People often can get stuck in magical thinking if a significant event happened to reinforce it in childhood. Continue Reading

Leaving a Violent Relationship Safely

Leaving a Violent Relationship Safely

Sometimes romance is bad. Even though this isn’t an Australian story, it’s a story to remind you of the importance of Leaving a Violent Relationship Safely.

The following story of domestic violence is one that demonstrates what can happen when the desire to control is taken to the extreme. It is not an unusual situation. Women around the world are murdered every day by their spouse who has gone mad in the process of wanting to control her every move. It is a very sad story of an American woman, but it makes a very worthwhile and valid point.  Continue Reading

Being choosy is worth it

Being Choosy Is Worth It

Most women have learned the hard way that not being more selective about who they get involved with ends up hurting them. Sometimes, it even ends up costing them money. When you’ve made some not-so-wise choices in the past, don’t let the pain of those experiences hinder you from getting involved again. Just don’t give so much of yourself when next you meet someone who takes your fancy. Being choosy is worth it. Make him demonstrate that he truly does want you to be his most important relationship before you open to him. Continue Reading

The Sweetest Love is a Kind Love

The Sweetest Love is a Kind Love

There is a mix of information on the site that this article originally appeared on so that the site is balanced in its focus. Among the articles that confront the violence that can occur in relationships, there are some uplifting articles like this one. When you’ve overcome your addiction to men who hurt you and treat you badly, the following is what you can look forward to having when you find a decent man who is capable of having a loving relationship – love like this is the sweetest love. Continue Reading

Love Letter to the Universe

Love Letter to the Universe

If you were to write out this or a similar letter and speak it aloud to yourself every day for a month, you’d manifest the man or woman who matches these qualities. So take some time to write your Love Letter to the Universe based on the points in this article here. Continue Reading