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The High Priestess Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and her artists

The High Priestess Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and the artists that work for her.

The High Priestess Emerald Tolemac 

Here we see Merlin’s wife Gwendolyn (also known by several other names). Some of those names are Nimue, Vivianne and Ninianne. In our version of The High Priestess Emerald Tolemac card, she is Gwendolyn.

The overriding theme of the High Priestess card is the connection between opposites: exoteric and esoteric and matter and spirit. If this card appears in your spread, it’s time to gain clarity and shift your emphasis from what is seen, to what is unseen. It’s time to use your intuition and access the deep recesses of your subconscious mind, for therein lies an abundance of knowledge waiting to be transmuted to wisdom. Continue Reading

twenty one hints for a better life

Twenty One Hints for a Better Life

Want to improve your life? Here are Twenty One Hints for a Better Life for those who are on the path of spiritual and emotional development:

Learn to Love Unconditionally, beginning with yourself.

Become Honest and attempt to heal your fear of it, so that you can use honesty in your daily living.

Aim to help all people in your worlds to come to physical healing.

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light and dark christ anti-christ

light dark christ anti christ

Light Dark Christ Anti Christ

There are many teachings that say that our Ego (which is our Darkness) and our Higher Self (which is our Light) cannot coexist. This is not quite true, as I will go on to explain. Throughout this article I will use the term Higher Self to denote the Inner Being/Higher Self/Divine Self.

Because we have a living essence, we still have a spark of the Christ consciousness in us, no matter how dark or egoistic we become. Our Higher Self is in us, because we still have a connection with the Divinity of the force of the Higher Self. However, this force is only in us to a certain point, a very small percentage relative to the amount of consciousness that we have set free of the ego. Continue Reading

The Alchemy of The Magician

The Alchemy of The Magician

Know Thyself. This is the very first requirement if you would like to become an alchemist. So then, is it dangerous to practice transmutation without knowing who you are? Well that is a very interesting question. One can practice transmutation and not look inward at themselves (which is usually done through meditation) and certain results will occur. To transmute means to harness a force and change it. ‘Trans–’ is the basic prefix of the word, which indicates ‘from one thing to another,’ and ‘mutate’ means ‘change into a different form.’ To transmute is The Alchemy of The Magician. Continue Reading

Silencing the Mind Through Meditation

Silencing the Mind Through Meditation

Meditation is conscious comprehension without the interference of the ego. ‘Conscious,’ meaning with the consciousness. Self-observation is the basis of it, yes, but real meditation is the activity of the consciousness free of ego. This article will help move you towards the skill of Silencing the Mind Through Meditation. Continue Reading

Meditation to Increase Willpower

Meditation to Increase Willpower

There is a practice that is going to assist you to go deeper into the understanding of the Tarot and the Kaballah. When you start with the card of the magician, this meditation will help you to grasp some of the deeper meanings within the card. It is also a Meditation to Increase Willpower. Continue Reading

will consciousness intuition

Will Consciousness Intuition

What are the differences between will, consciousness, and intuition? In their heart, they are the same. In their essence, they are the same. Consciousness is a continuum of infinite energy. That is consciousness. But in us it is not continuous – we are paying attention one minute and we are totally asleep the next. Continue Reading