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This category is for articles that will help you comprehend the meaning behind the gnosis of the Tarot in general.

Recognising Patterns in Tarot Readings

Recognising Patterns in Tarot Readings

Once you have learned the divinatory meanings of each card, you can begin looking at groups of cards that are similar. The skill to be developed is Recognising Patterns in Tarot Readings. The good thing is though, pattern recognition is a skill that comes in handy in all areas of life.

As you are learning, certain groups of cards have a particular divinatory meaning which you can use in your interpretations. Recognising patterns will help you get a ‘feel’ for the overall picture the reading represents.

The two pattern recognition methods are:

a) Interpreting similar cards
b) Elemental Balance (majority of cards)

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The Wheel of Fortune Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card meaning is about the cycle of life. We’re midway through the Major Arcana now. This card indicates that everything moves in circles.  Just as the wheel can move downwards and bring misfortune and bad luck, it is sure to move upwards again and bring us the luck we seek. Drawing this card can herald a new cycle in life, but it can also be a pointer to the fact that destiny is at hand, and we may not have much to do with our current circumstances.

tarot card number: 10

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The Empress Traits

The Empress Traits

The Empress is third card in the Major arcana of the tarot. She is a symbol of feminine power, of the Feminine principle, she symbolises fertility and of course she symbolises beauty. She is very mysterious and her message is to listen to your intuition, to listen to your feminine side. Continue Reading


light and dark christ anti-christ

light dark christ anti christ

Light Dark Christ Anti Christ

There are many teachings that say that our Ego (which is our Darkness) and our Higher Self (which is our Light) cannot coexist. This is not quite true, as I will go on to explain. Throughout this article I will use the term Higher Self to denote the Inner Being/Higher Self/Divine Self.

Because we have a living essence, we still have a spark of the Christ consciousness in us, no matter how dark or egoistic we become. Our Higher Self is in us, because we still have a connection with the Divinity of the force of the Higher Self. However, this force is only in us to a certain point, a very small percentage relative to the amount of consciousness that we have set free of the ego. Continue Reading

Kabbalah Sephiroth and the Trinity

Kabbalah Sephiroth and the Trinity

You will often notice that in the Kabbalah the Sephiroth are almost always grouped in threes. There is a good reason for that. The Law of Three is one of the fundamental laws that nature is based upon. The Trinity is a form of balance. You have an initial and first force which begins. You have the third force which destroys or ends. In-between those two you have the force of Balance which maintains. You can call these forces notes, as in musical notes. The first force would be the note ‘Do’ (as in Do, Re, Mi Far, So), and would be known as the note that begins something. Continue Reading

Astrology and The Tarot

Astrology and The Tarot

Each zodiac sign has two tarot cards with which it is associated, one from the major arcana and one from the minor. If you know your Sun or star sign, select the cards associated with it. Sit and reflect upon these images. Are you drawn to any of the colours, themes or common qualities? Perhaps you have a strong reaction towards the images. Continue Reading

Tarot and the Kabbalah The Magician

Tarot and the Kabbalah: The Magician

The twenty-two Arcana (as has already been stated in the article titled Tarot and The Kabbalah), are esoteric, or hidden laws. They are symbols. So in the beginning we always begin with the number one. This article is about Arcanum one, which is the Magician.

kabbalah magician

Card number one of the Tarot is the Magician. But who is the Magician? We have to begin to understand that. This card is symbolic and imparts to us a vital understanding upon which the basis of the entire set of other Arcana rests.
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Tarot and The Kabbalah

Tarot and The Kabbalah

In the Tarot and The Kabbalah, the term ‘Arcana’ is plural. The singular aspect of this term is ‘Arcanum.’ ‘Arcanum’ refers to a type of knowledge, which is for the initiated, or a kind of knowledge that is mysterious for the average person. It is a science or understanding that one has to be introduced to. When we study the twenty-two Arcana, we are studying twenty-two laws, or twenty-two mysteries, that we have to be initiated into experientially in order to understand them. Continue Reading