Love Letter to the Universe

Love Letter to the Universe

If you were to write out this or a similar letter and speak it aloud to yourself every day for a month, you’d manifest the man or woman who matches these qualities. So take some time to write your Love Letter to the Universe based on the points in this article here. Continue Reading

Journey of The Fool

Journey of the Fool

The first 22 cards of a tarot deck are part of the Major Arcana and are associated with the Journey of The Fool. The Fool is the only card that hasn’t been given a number from the 22 Major Arcana cards. The Fool’s number is Zero, because the Major Arcana is all about the Fool’s Journey. So the Fool could be placed at either the start or the end of the journey, because when one journey finishes, another always starts. Here we discuss the Journey of the Fool Astrology.

All of the numbered cards describe points in our lives that have meaning, from our birth to our death. The Major Arcana shows the path of The Fool from naivety to Enlightenment, so we have 21 cards that are numbered. The tarot is conceptual and requires an intuitive interpretation, and the astrology associated with each of the cards is known for its part in the card’s structure, its analysis and of course its empirical interpretation. Continue Reading